Welcome to my site !

My name is Sweetie, I'm a native Maine cat. Thank you for your visit. I would like to tell you something about our history, about me and my friends, with whom I share my home. Have you made yourself comfortable? Well, let's begin.

Dirigo Maine Princess of Athabaske, aka "Sweetie"

With my cousin Kennie I came to Europe to focus your attention to our ancient family.

Dirigo Kennebec of Athabaske

In America, our country of origin, we Maine Coon cats belong to the longhaired cats, in other regions of the world and in Europe we are classified as semilonghaired cats. We Maine cats are of a very old breed, created only by nature. We are of good size, strong boning, with tufts in the ears and between the toes. Our coat is water-repellent and easy to groom, during the summer the coat is somewhat shorter and sparse while during the winter the coat is long and shaggy with a magnificent ruff. We are friendly and peaceful, affectionate and loving, playful and nevertheless independent. We have a soft, sweet voice and like to "talk".

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